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Juanita by Shubhda Priyam

The label Juanita (wah-NEE-Tah) is a Godsend for lovers of minimalism. The designer clothing is comfortable yet elegant with pure colors that resonate with your heart to bring joy and confidence. The textile we use is from the weavers of Bihar – (one of the oldest inhabited places in the world with a rich cultural history going back to 3000 years) environment friendly and it encourages others to instill care regarding the state of our planet”.

 ‘Eco – friendly lifestyle is a new sustainable change in life’.

In Juanita, particular attention is paid to quality, skill, craftsmanship and care. We are empowering the person who makes these breathable fabrics.

We mainly source and collaborate with nine weaving clusters of Bihar in terms of the yarns used, type of loom, count and style of weaving. Each cluster though existing within similar geological conditions produce different products and weaves. 

We have collaborated with Akhand Jyoti - a non-profit organisation, registered in India, to help eliminate curable blindness by providing low-income states of India affordable, accessible, sustainable, quality curative and preventive eye care services, and empower women to achieve this.