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Handwoven Peacock Blue Angoor Jangla Saree - Master Weaver

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Handwoven Peacock Blue Angoor Jangla Saree. This master weaver creation was woven over a period of  40 days by two very skilled weavers. The saree has been woven using 38 plus wooden spools or Tillis as they are locally called.

Padmini is a curated collection of heirloom banarasi janglas. These sarees are handcrafted with the finest mulberry silk and zari. These sarees are a true representation of textile finery and skilled craftsmanship from some if India's finest master weavers.

Color - Peacock Blue - Dual tone green and blue

Technique - Kadhwa

Fabric - Katan Silk

Weaving Cluster - Banaras

Length - 5.86 m, Width - 1.15 m, Blouse - 97 cm approx., Weight - 1.166 kg

Accessories – accessories shown like tassles may or may not be a part of the actual product. Blouses/Jewelry worn by the model are only for photo shoots and styling reference

Color Variance – This product has been shot in studio lights and there may be a slight difference with actual colors

This product is handwoven and there might be slight irregularities in the weave. But that’s what adds to the charm of handwoven textile and makes it like none other

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